Fleur de sel is a salt that contains the crystals that form in the top thinner layer during the process of collecting sea salt from inland evaporation pools.

No. Fleur de Sel only contains the finest and richest top layer that forms on the first day of the evaporation process.

Fleur de sel is very limited and it is collected through an artisanal process.

  1. It provides essential minerals that are required for the body’s well being. This helps keep our body hydrated and nourished by allowing it to absorb all of the nutrients that we eat.

  2. It is naturally low in sodium.

  3. It a flavor enhancer. Fleur de sel is considered the gourmet salt by excellence to season your food.

They are essential minerals that come in very small amounts and are rapidly absorbed by our body.

- To season your food in a healthier manner.

- To enhance yor meals flavor by adding it at the end.

-To replace your refined table salt 

-To enhance your beverage flavour like adding some grains to you coffe.

-Add some grains to your water for a better hydration

- Desserts. To enhance de flavor.