The magic of that which is natural

As one of the most precious gifts given by the Gods to all human beings, the sense of taste is educated through flavors. In the spectrum of taste, salt is one of the most intense, which is probably why it is linked as one of nature’s most divine creations. The existence of salt is the result of various physical and chemical elements that produce tiny and perfect geometrical crystals that fill our life of light and color.

And yet, even in the world of salt there are different types. That is why the Gods reserved the most exquisite of flavor and benefits for the fleur de sel. This one of a kind salt, which production is highly limited, can only come to be during the Primer Sol (First Sun), in which the king star imposes its presence over the salt water deposits. It is after this first sun that through an artisanal process characterized by the effort applied to the delicate and careful steps of selection, recollection and packing, that our fleur de sel is able to reach your table and delight you with its healthy and unique taste.

Primer Sol, fleur de sel, besides being low in sodium, is the perfect way to recover our equilibrium and remember that we can still be awed and nurtured by natures creations.